Thursday, January 18, 2007


I've just returned from attending the Christ College fest 'In Bloom 2007' and man what a day it was...we enter Potpourri 25 mins late..that's 5 mins before it ends...and we still miss qualification by 1 point because we misinterpreted a single question. Dam!

With 3 hours to go for our Core Competence of Dumb charades...Nakul, Pradeep and me practiced DC on the wonderfully large Christ ground. And yes there is nothing like acting and playing have to think on your feet, guess wildly and have a vast knowledge base, basically you have to be Jack of all trades and master of some.

An hour before DC I had my extempore and when I went to participate I got the topic "If I must Die let It be Death By Chocolate" and I decided to walk out as I had no clue how to start...I had only 3 minutes before I had to speak...then suddenly my DC mind went into overdrive I could see images of all forms of ways of dying and famous deaths and so on. I decided to give it my best shot.

All other ways to die are too painful or boring, lets die eating Cadbury's contaminated chocolates.My theme was simple... ... I made death look as funny as I could...

I don't remember much of what I such but I surprise myself with my ability to come up with so much impromptu stuff on the spot.There are few feeling better than leaving a stage with either an ovation or the audience in laughter. I got both today.

Now its off to Saarang '07 to participate in their public speaking this space...I might have some good news...