Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Feet

An absolute treat for the eyes and a sumptuous banquet for the ears. Happy feet is one of those rare animation movies which strikes the right balance between humour and a story with a message.

The movie is for all ages and from the first scene i knew it was something special. Each character is well defined and stays with you after you have left the movie hall.The choice of songs is amazing and only Lion King and The Road to El Dorado have comparable soundtracks.The graphics/animation is the best i have seen yet. The chase scenes are realistic and dramatic with grand camera angles and locations.

But what's most important is the message the movie tries to deliver.No its not about stopping global warming.Its the refusal to conform yourself to the views and opinions of society around you, a message that finds voice in the classic Dead Poets Society.Dead Poets has a bitter sweet end with the death of a student but opening up of the rest.While this option would not have been available to makers of an animation movie.Mumble the main protagonist is a penguin reject who's inability to sing in a colony of singing penguins makes him an outcast. But his ability to dance and his use of this skill is the movie itself.

A fresh movie which will make you laugh,cry,ponder and Dance!