Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Evernote's a disruptive new technology which is soon going to swallow up a lot of other software's.It is a note taking, bookmarking software. Any web page,typed text or photo can be added to it.Following which it can be accessed on your mobile,PC and net.Thus it keeps its promise of adding another brain. Now its most impressive feature is its indexing technology.

Basically this enables you to search your entire database for keywords.Lets say you loved an article on cricket incidents and you save it in evernote. After sometime you just remember it had an incident in The Oval grounds.You can search for the term "The Oval" and hence find the article with a few snippets of information. The Icing on the cake is that it indexes words in pictures. Here i searched for the word images and here is the result.

The free version allows an upload limit of 40Mb which is more than sufficient for most users.I use it for saving good articles I come across and bookmarking websites.After experimenting with google bookmarks, notebooks and del.icio.us,Evernote turned out to be much more friendly and intuitive.