Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Phone Memories

My phone ran out of memory and I had to delete some contacts to regain space. As I browsed my address list I came across various ppl I will never again contact but who were important to me for brief periods of time. They were fest organizers or rivals or friends or general friendly ppl who were friends for the time the fest lasted or ppl who wanted help or ppl who either became friends on a short bus journey and so on..

names like Aditya BMS, RUdra IIIT, Akash junior, Ananth KIMS, Anirudh Bio, Ankit DC, Ashok Mech, Ashwin IIMb, Bharath Quiz, Divya JNC, Harsha BMS, jayanth IIIT, Mahendra DC, Manish Co-od, Nandini BMS debate, Nazeef RV plays, Nipun RV mech, Preeth Doshi DC, Rahul IIIT, Rishab Debate, RV Chem Ramya, Savitha DC, Sitara Mount Carmel Debate, Vikas Pesit, Abhas Rv debate, Sri ram college Delhi.

Some ppl from Companies who helped out my international debate trips Beena HP, Monica HP, Stic Travels, Sudhaker travels, Anoop Singh, Satish Cognizant, Abraham Cherian HP.

some nameless numbers like Unknown girl!!!, BMS DC, HP, Kp, record??? Think this is someone who took my lab record.

Most of the above have been deleted.



nazeef mohammed said...

man!! Nazeef RV plays????

Ravi Kaushik said...

yup, thats how i id'd you!

nazeef mohammed said...

Ravi Kaushik!
I thought I'd be in your contact list for a longer time! :'(