Friday, March 06, 2009

Another Indian Election

This summer, in a poling booth near you watch the biggest democratic drama in the world.

These are the things I remember from the last elections.

1. Large number of Film/ TV stars joining parties at will. It was a really funny spectacle, watching stars and wannabe's lining up.
2. Nobody expected the BJP to loose. It was taken for granted they would walk away with a comfortable win.
3. Sonia Gandhi was expected to loose hands down.
4." The left? Who’s that?" was the attitude of news anchors.
5. It was supposed to be the first "presidential" style election in India. Putting Sonia Gandhi vs. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Guess is was also the last.

So many sure shot predictions were broken last time. Let’s see how this year’s predictions go.

I will be following some blogs and columnists this time to understand the election. The most important one of them all will be Swapan Dasgupta at the Daily pioneer. His analysis is simple, straight and very funny most of the times.

MK Akbar seems to be a good new find . Not read enough of his columns yet.