Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The first day of 5th sem

After nearly two months of exams and holidays, I returned to my college MS Ramaiah today for the beginning of the 5Th sem. Normally I expected the first class to be taken by a senior professor who would advice us on the importance of this sem and so on... Imagine to my pleasant surprise a young lecturer turned up who actually put this entire Semester into context by explaining how this sem and its subjects are going to determine our future in the Telecomm field.

We had the first class and soon I found myself walking to the canteen. The first thing I noticed was that I couldn't recognize many faces on the way. And then my friend said it... the super Seniors or those in 4Th year had passed out. I couldn't imagine how this campus would be without them, now reality was filling in for where my imagination left off.

No Sanjay Joshi to egg you onto public speaking and debate, boosting any nervous participant's confidence with a few words of extremely useful advice.

No Santa and Banta or Mahendra, Dilip and Dinesh DC teams who'd competed with us for two years and had defeated us many times until my DC team learnt from them the tricks of the trade resulting in us beating them in the farewell Mechanical fest.

No Nikki to beat me in speaking Tamil without teaching me any Punjabi.

No Vineet to trace back his and my stay in Bihar.

No Gagan to warn us on the many pit falls of having chosen Telecomm.

No Srikanth and Devadatta to look up to as quizzing geniuses.

No Varun to break into random thoughts and speeches or give tips on JAM.

As I look back I often realise that my second year was totally defined by the above people, people who helped me out tremendously in various parts of college life.

As I walked around, my friend started discussing the freshers party that was to be organised for our juniors. It is then that i realise that the wheel had come a full turn.

“Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: You find the present tense and the past perfect”


silverstreak said...

oye beautiful one!!...the saying is mind blowin!!

Mahendra said...

well well well..... yr seniors helped you when u needed them.... so now its yr turn to do the same to yr juniors... just make sure that u pass on the tricks and tips of DC ok [:)]

brinda said...

hey very very nice.. only wished d same thing abt d new young prof had happenend to us!life's lik "a musical thunder, something wonder!" :)

Blitzboy said...

Aah! A mention of a puny mortal like me in your blog! But it was good man! Really! Awesome! Keep it up.

Blitzboy said...

Blitz boy = Varun btw. That reminds me... What happened to White Hat? And let's meet up sometime this Week! Friday starts my job, so...

LUCKY said...

very nice!

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