Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fest Preparation begins

What a great start to 5th sem...
My telecommunication department approached my 3rd year class to conduct our own tech fest. Everybody seems to be doing it now days, so why not us?

"Tech Fest " is quite a misleading phrase. I've been to loads of fests, tech and cultural, but tech fests are not what they sound like. The most crowd pulling event is Computer Gaming or Informals like balloon toss! Then probably would come DC. Of the tech events, C programming and paper presentations are the favourites.

After we'd been handed the responsibility of conducting this fest, some inspired people from my class got together and we got into the groove. Cultural events were decided in a jiffy but tech events still elude us!

I'm in the sponsorship committee and we've got quite a job cut out. What does it take for a company to give a college money? What will it take for us to convince a company,anyone for that matter, to part with their money?

Well one thing's on our side. This is the odd sem and there are not many fests we'r competing against us.

We've still not decided on the name of the fest. I hope to learn loads from organising this fest. Already I've spoken to loads of people in my college who've organised their own department fests and its quite a learning experience. Also looking forward to working with my seniors and initiating my juniors into the department.

Will keep posting as the work gathers momentum,do read this great quote on team work.

"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it."
H.E. Luccock