Thursday, October 12, 2006

Phase Shift 06 DC

  • Well we believe its one of the largest DC events ever conducted...
  • 93 teams registered out of which around 73 turned up...
  • The DC software developed by my senior Suresh ensured that the results were permanently on display and no manipulation could occur.
  • The event started at 11 and the qualification lasted till 2:45!
  • The number of teams were really overwhelming...
  • The finals were from 3 till about 5.
  • My teammates and I took turns on conducting the event.
  • One team of Doctors from KIMS took part and they went on to win the event!
  • One team from PESIT bunked their placements and won the second place.
  • One standard team from my college came third.
  • Most teams were relieved that we didn't have time inverse in the finals.
And I've really forgotten how to post a blog hence the bullets.


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